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Shoulder Moves Keep Pitchers Throwing Strong

Posted by: Dr. Phil Page  /   August 19, 2015  /  11:31 AM

A pitchers’ windup and throw might get all the attention. But it’s the moment immediately after releasing the ball that actually poses the greatest risk of injury.

Picture it: The shoulder tends to follow the ball. Meanwhile, the rest of the body remains on the mound. These opposing, powerful forces threaten to tear muscles and ligaments in this critical area.

Strong rotator cuff muscles—especially in the back of the shoulder—stabilize the joint against unhealthy rotation. You can build them up with resistance bands like the TheraBand CLX, research shows. Pitchers who completed a six-week strengthening program increased their muscles’ ability to withstand force, potentially protecting them from injury.

The study used moves that worked the shoulder in a diagonal pattern. Incorporate exercises like the one below into your routine to decrease your odds of landing on the disabled list this season.

Swimmers: Dive Into a Shoulder-Saving Routine

Posted by: Dr. Phil Page  /   July 16, 2015  /  02:25 PM

No athlete wants pain to stand in the way of his or her sport. But about half of college swimmers suffer from shoulder aches severe enough to affect their training routine. With time, the repetitive motion of reaching overhead places overwhelming demands on this joint, causing a pattern of injuries so common they’re referred to as “swimmer’s shoulder.”

Fortunately, stretching and strengthening the shoulder muscles using foam rollers, exercise balls, and resistance bands like the TheraBand CLX can put swimmers back in the fast lane. One eight-week training program improved swimmers’ form, rebalanced their neck and shoulder muscles, and helped their joints work more efficiently. Another 12-week plan with just four moves strengthened shoulders in a way likely leading to fewer injuries and better performances.

Shore up your shoulders with moves like the dynamic hug shown below. A few exercises three times a week could be all you need to splash safely.

The Surgery-Free Way to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Posted by: Dr. Phil Page  /   July 15, 2015  /  05:09 PM

Your shoulder can move in more directions than any other joint. Thanks to this freedom, you can toss pitches, sweep floors, swing a tennis racket, and hoist heavy suitcases into the overhead bin of an airplane.

But all too often, chronic shoulder pain makes these motions—and more—difficult. Some people choose to go under the knife for shoulder problems. Two recent research reviews, however, find that in many cases, exercises work as well as surgery to relieve pain and restore function.

Shoulder-strengthening moves like the ones below, using the TheraBand CLX, can improve your strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

If you have stubborn shoulder pain, consider asking a physical therapist or other expert to demonstrate the best program for you. But once you’ve mastered them, doing exercises on your own can effectively treat many cases of shoulder pain, the studies suggest.

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