Strong Posture: The Beginning of Strong Form

June 24, 2016  /  10:00 AM

An athlete’s posture can make the difference between winning and a play-ending injury. Whatever the sport, strong form is essential to performing well and preventing injuries, and form begins with how the athlete stands. Not how they believe themselves to be standing, but mechanically speaking, how well is their body stacking up?

From a pitch to a swing, control of body motion is the key in sports performance. When an athlete’s perception of their resting stance is off, every other motion will subtly compensate. 

The body moves in a chain of motion, with power moving from the feet throughout the pelvis and spine to the torso and arm. When motion compensates, energy is lost or, if the chain is unable to carry the load, it buckles in an injury. A slight head or pelvic rotation can make the difference between being strength and injury. 

Build posture into your workout by starting every game and practice standing tall, setting a strong postural baseline. Focusing on standing tall helps you maximize the benefit of your workout. Also, periodically take a picture to benchmark your posture. Coaches may want to consider having a doctor of chiropractic specializing in posture do a team posture screening.

    Dr. Steven Weiniger

    Posture Instructor

    Dr. Steven Weiniger literally wrote the book on posture, Stand Taller Live Longer. He teaches people why and how to improve posture to stay active and pain-free with StrongPosture® exercise protocols taught globally by chiropractors, therapists and trainers.


    As head of PostureMonth.org, during the month of May his title is Chief Posture Evangelist. He’s also served as a director for other professional organizations and was appointed delegate to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging, an event to develop recommendations for the President and Congress on issues, policy and research in the field of aging.


    Dr. Weiniger is featured extensively in numerous media outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.