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Through grassroots initiatives, Athletic TIPS™ answers a critical need for educating school-age athletes – males and females in every sport – and their advisors about sports-related injuries. As a result, parents will be more at ease regarding their children’s participation in sports, and become more confident in encouraging youngsters to reap the substantial benefits and life lessons associated with involvement.
The Women’s Premier Soccer League is excited about its new partnership with Athletic TIPS™. Community workshops will allow each team to connect with thousands of youth soccer players, coaches and parents in their local area and provide them with education about concussions and key sports-related concerns.
Athletic TIPS™ is a great grassroots program that provides parents and coaches with the tools to better understand sports-related injuries and how to properly recognize, manage and prevent them.
I learned more in this 45-minute workshop than I did in 15 years of coaching football.
This was one of the most informative programs I have ever attended.
Athletic TIPS™ and its educational programs are important for parents and teachers.
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