Athletic TIPS™ is the only national, multi-disciplinary organization focusing solely on amateur youth sports injuries, with the direct involvement and cooperation of sports medicine and healthcare providers across all disciplines. 

Athletic TIPS™ draws upon the expertise of its blue-ribbon advisory board that includes medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, sports psychologists, nutritionists, athletic directors, current and retired professional athletes from some of the most prestigious professional and collegiate sports programs nationwide, as well as strategic corporate partners.

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 If there aren’t any workshops scheduled in your community, click here: “REQUEST A COMMUNITY WORKSHOP IN YOUR AREA,” and complete the proper form.  Upon submission, an Athletic TIPS™ team member will receive your inquiry and begin coordinating a workshop in your community.  Once a workshop is scheduled, details will appear online.

    • Preventing Dehydration and Heat-related Conditions
    • Nutrition in Sports Management
    • Recognizing, Preventing and Managing Musculoskeletal Injuries
    • Concussion Prevention and Recognition

To ensure the delivery of consistent content across all community workshops, Athletic TIPS™ has developed a training curriculum that provides all of its certified instructors with rigid guidelines for conducting events.

Certification through Athletic TIPS™ is available to many health and fitness professionals.  To learn more about certification requirements and to begin the process of certification, visit

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